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Energy Efficiency Engineering Challenge

Welcome to our impl Days 2024 Energy Efficiency Engineering Challenge (EEEC for short). The goal is to solve the challenge with a program you write using the least amount of energy.

How to play?

Please note that we run this for fun on a best effort base, so please try to keep the size of the container under 200 MB, spammers will be banned!

  1. Register an account
  2. Tell an admin in the room to approve it. This may take a while so do this at the beginning
  3. Develop you solution locally or in the cloud
  4. Upload your solution as a container (for example with docker build -t {your tag} . to a publicly accessible registry
  5. Submit your container with the public Tag/URL {your tag}
  6. Wait for it to be tested and ranked (this may take some time)
  7. Repeat from step 3 to improve your score 😊

Measuerement Workflow

How was this built?

Created for RustFest 2024 by:

We built it with Rust, actix, WebSocket, Shelly Plugs and many other things.

The dependencies used are listed with their licenses here (generated).